Starting from a young age I was very ambitious in getting good grades, going to a prestigious university to gain my MBA, mainly for the sake to land a “successful career” and to climb up the corporate ladder in a multinational corporation. Thinking that I would be set for life and that it would be the right path to success and happiness. Everything seemed to be amazing, business travels to exotic places, having fancy dinners, staying in 5 stars hotels, and earning a decent living. But I had realized over time that I had sort of ” fallen into” my roles and even though I was a high-achiever on paper, I just didn’t love it, felt uninspired and found little meaning and purpose in my type of work. I soon began to feel stuck, disengaged and disconnected to my job and in becoming drained, frustrated and unhappy. At the end I was spending my days counting down the clock and frequently thinking ” Is this it? Is this all there is? There must be more to my working life than just sitting here and not actually making an impact”.

The funny thing is, We all know “what” we do for a living, but when was the last time you asked yourself “why” you do what you do? Finding your utmost “why” can be the key to a much more productive, engaging, motivating, and fulfilling life at work, as I’ve found out myself in recent years, too. I am on the mission to help others to find and create a meaningful career that brings them joy, happiness and purpose. I know it’s F*** scary, but “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek. Are you ready to find yours?