Transformation X Career Clarity

Date and time

Sat, September 25, 2021

11am -12.30 pm Hong Kong Time

Empowering you to grow personal confidence to excel and to create power & influence and to create a meaningful career with more purpose

About this event

What You’ll Learn in this FREE Co-Webinar


From Pin Cher

• Understand why you feel your job or your career is making you feel miserable and doesn’t give you a sense of purpose and fulfilment and impacting your mental and physical

• How to find clarity about your professional path and finding meaningful & rewarding work that energizes you and ditching the overwhelm

• How to get a clear idea of “you at your best” and your core needs when it comes to fulfilment

• Knowing when it’s finally time to say BYE to your current role/ employer to gain control of your career so can you finally be excited, engaged and motivated again

• How to increase your job satisfaction by implementing these proven strategies

From Jeremiah Teo

Exploring & Debunking Myths of Charisma

– What is Charisma? Why is it important for you to learn and master Charisma? Learn the main Myth-Busting CHARISMA truth and Create Resilient Transformation.

Mastering 3 Key Confidence Hacks through the Use of Body Language:

– Constantly struggling with Public Speaking Confidence?

Apply these Body Language Confidence Hacks And Witness Immediate, Exponential, Confidence Growth!

8-STEPS CHARISMA Growth Cycle (Introduction)

Want To Create Sustainable, Long-term, and Resilient Self-Confidence?

Discover the 8-STEPs CHARISMA Growth Cycle Introduction and learn how each step will bring you closer to Greatness.

Save the Date and Join Us To Discover Your Charisma & Getting Career Clarity, So You Will Live Life In Abundance, Ease and Joy

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