“What if I fail?”, “ What I can’t do this”, “What if I am not good enough”

Does anything like this sound familiar to you?

Are you sick of feeling unfulfilled, underpaid, and unhappy at your current job? You’re certainly not alone. A global poll conducted by Gallup has uncovered that out of the world’s one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work. That means that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy in their job. How crazy is that?

I was wondering what’s stopping these unhappy workers from moving on and finding the career they really want?B

The answer is FEAR.

If you’re one of the many people who would like to pursue the career they really want, there’s a good chance you’re hesitant to make a move. In this article, I’m going to talk about the fears that are holding you back and how you can push past them to create the career of your dreams.

Fear of the unknown

One of the most common and debilitating fears we have is the fear of the unknown — we don’t have a magic, so not knowing what the future holds can feel scary and intimidating.

The best way to quell your fear of the unknown is to plan ahead by taking things slow and strategically. Some of the questions you can prepare for are:

What is the true cause of the fear? Dig deep. If you say the fear is that you are unsure if the change will work out, then ask yourself,
If you don’t make a change, what does your life look like?

If you make the change and it does work out, what does that life look like? If you make a change and it doesn’t work out, what will you have lost?

If you make a change that doesn’t work out, how likely will you want to come back to your current job? Would it be an option?

Fear of the unknown can keep you from taking steps toward a new job or career. Don’t avoid the change because of the fear. Realize that nothing in life is certain. However, you can control your preparation for a job/career change to reduce the risk and ease your fears.

Fear of change

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I don’t like my job, but I know what to expect so it’s easier to stay than to take a leap of faith”? We’ve all been there, including me.

Change brings up feelings of uncertainty that can make even the best of us feel uneasy and anxious.

As humans, we like familiarity. And that familiarity can hold us back from the career we really want. A new career will almost certainly change your routine — it’ll all be “new,” and that can be sometimes intimidating.

Rather than letting the fear of change debilitate you and stop you from making a move, find ways to embrace the fear. Take some time to think about other times or situations in your life where a major change happened and see that you were, in fact, okay when all was said and done.

Use your past experiences or the experiences of others who have walked a similar path to inspire you. Anticipate all the changes that are involved with a career shift and analyse how they will truly affect you. The more you become aware of the changes, the less scary they’ll feel and the better equipped you’ll be to handle them when the time comes.

Fear of rejection

This is a big fear for those looking to make a career move; no one wants to pursue their passion only to be met with, “We don’t think you’re the right person for the job”. Ouch…

We have all been rejected at some point, whether it was at high school, by the university of your dreams, or by a job that you didn’t have the qualifications for — and it stings, every time.

The best way to eliminate the fear of being rejected is to accept that you will inevitably face some challenges along the way, but nothing that you can’t overcome.

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re holding yourself back from applying for the career you want because you don’t have the experience or qualifications required — change it! While I certainly encourage you to pursue your dream career, you have to be realistic and have a plan for how you’re going to get there.

Will you need to get a certification first? Will you have to leave your cushy management position for an entry-level position? When you’re realistic about what needs to happen before you can successfully land the career you really want, the fear of rejection will likely diminish.

Fear of judgment

The last fear that may be holding you back from the career you want is the fear of being judged. Do you have a big, bold career dream that you’re scared to even talk about because you’re afraid of what people will think? Whether it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend, or your co-worker, every big decision you make is gonna be met with some judgment.

There will always be nay-sayers, the ones that tell you to stay where you are because it’s “stable” or it’s in alignment with the path that THEY think you should be on. While it can be tough to be faced with judgment, especially from those who are close to you — you have to remember that their thoughts and opinions reflect their attitude and mindset, not yours.

Don’t let other people drag you down and discourage you from making the move that you know is right for you.

The best way to combat the fear of being judged is to find a community of like-minded people who have walked the path before you or are going through something similar. There are tons of networking and mastermind groups out there that will offer the support and encouragement you need to confidently pursue your passion.
Recognize your fears and do it anyway!

“TRUTH 1 THE FEAR WILL NEVER GO AWAY AS LONG AS I CONTINUE TO GROW.”– Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Are you the one holding yourself back from the career you want? Then it’s time to recognize the fears that are keeping you stuck, learn how to push past them, and pursue your dream career.

You don’t have to do this alone, I am truly honoured to work with some badass people. It is a privilege to be part of their journey & affect positive change in their careers & life. And look forward to being in your corner every step of the way. So shoot me a note. I am here to help